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Payday Loan for retirees


People over 50 are increasingly using consumer credit. Finance a trip, an exceptional expense or give a boost to their children: The Payday Loan is an accessible solution for retirees! Take advantage of our unbeatable rates up to
$ 3,000 **.

Good reasons to use consumer credit for seniors

Good reasons to use consumer credit for seniors

Life expectancy is increasing: it reaches 79 years for men and 85 years for women, whereas it was less than 73 and 81 years in 1990. Seniors enjoy a good physical condition: they are 84% among 50-65 year olds who consider themselves to be in good health and see it continue unhindered up to 78 years of age. Therefore, it is logical that they have lots of projects in mind and want to finance them! However, seniors do not have all the financial resources to do so. The approximately 15 million pensioners in the country receive an average pension of around $ 1,300, well below the average net salary (around $ 2,200). Seniors will then have recourse to consumer credit.

Consumer credit is also available for seniors

Consumer credit is also available for seniors

Bankers and lending organizations consider seniors to be reliable borrowers:

  • their income is stable (no risk of job loss);
  • seniors are generally owners of their homes (80%) and no longer have a mortgage to repay;
  • their debt capacity is significant.

Consumer credit is therefore also available to retirees, at advantageous conditions:

  • insurance for consumer credit is optional.
  • no health questionnaire to fill out (unless the borrower takes out death and disability insurance);
  • monthly reimbursements are low;
  • the assets of senior citizens can serve as collateral for the lender;

Consumer credit is accessible to seniors because it is more flexible: a Payday Loan does not need to be allocated. The borrower is not required to justify his employment. Seniors can then use the borrowed amount as they wish. For example: Spend a part for work, another to help their children and the rest to finance their leisure.

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